Known as 'Tower Building', this local landmark, complete with crenellated tower, was built to house the Orkney Artillery Volunteers in the 1880s. The three storey tower stood above what was then the building's main entrance, and now forms part of The Lookout apartment.

The ground floor, today occupied by a shop, was the drill hall while the first floor housed the offices of the Colonel and other personnel, a store for uniforms, a kitchen and recreation room for staging music and drama - there were even wall hooks for the brass instruments of the band!

The Loom takes its name from the next chapter in the building's history. After the Second World War, it was used as a tweed factory by R. Garden (Orkney Tweeds) Ltd, one of a number of premises they owned and operated in the town. Since then the ground floor has been a showroom for various local businesses with, until recently, an accountancy practice upstairs.

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